Monday, April 18, 2011

The Pumping, It Sucks

This is a picture of milk I squeezed out of my boob. It is 55 milliliters of milk. That's 1.9 ounces. It took me over an hour and a half to pump. I sat, milking myself with a weird handheld electronic thingie suctioned onto my boob, for nearly 2 hours, and that's what I got.

That sucked. Literally. After all that time, I was sore and frustrated, and thinking that this was totally not going to work. And I was right... it didn't work. I went to work, and two hours later got the call. "Come home, the baby's been screaming for more food for half an hour, and I can't get her to sleep." Poor Z. It was Bug's first bottle, and the first time he'd fed her. I was hoping it would be some nice daddy/daughter bonding time, but it wasn't at all. And he HATES hearing her cry and knowing he can't do anything about it. (Sometimes in the middle of the night, I hate hearing her cry and knowing I HAVE to do something about it.)

I'm getting a better pump, which should help. And pumping is a learned skill, so I know it will get easier, just like breastfeeding is. But this first experience with it really did suck.

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