Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The First Easter

Easter is probably the holiday that I am most ambivalent about celebrating. On one hand, there's chocolate, and all kinds of specialty candies you can't get the rest of the year. And I do love me an egg hunt. But on the other hand, as an atheist parent who was brought up very strictly Southern Baptist, being inundated with the resurrection message gets old quick, and I know that because this is the most religious holiday we celebrate, it will be the one to prompt questions first. While I'd like to believe that I will calmly explain that some people believe certain things and I do not, I don't quite know what we'll do about the whys.

Fortunately, that day is a long way off, and I have time to think about it. In the mean time, I can't resist the flouncy dresses, and Z couldn't stop himself from joining the egg hunt- by helping Bug, of course. She slept through it, so he had to pick the eggs up for her. We didn't originally have the triceratops egg, but Z pulled a smooth trade with Bug's 7 year old aunt for it. And yes, we left the rest of the eggs for the bigger kids to find.

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