Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In A Perfect World

This is what my kitchen looks like right now. Fresh rice krispie treats cooling on the table (along with handwashed breast pads drying... yes, I do put these things on the internet), a clean stove-top, no overwhelming pile of crusty dishes laying around. Fresh fruit and hot herbal tea on the counter. It's not perfect by any means, but it's presentable. Fingers crossed I can keep it that way this time. I didn't realize how much energy I lost while I was pregnant until I got it back- this kitchen hasn't looked like this consistently in at least seven months.

My kitchen and I do not have a good relationship. The sink is way too shallow. The valves under the counter that go to the sink and dishwasher close at random, and the hot water handle on the sink is messed up so I have to manually open and close its valve so that it isn't constantly streaming water. The floor has a very subtle marbled pattern that makes me think it's always dirty. There isn't enough cabinet space, and the table has gaps around the leaf that fill with flour anytime I roll out dough.

Despite all of that though, when it's clean and organized like this, the kitchen is my favorite room in the house. The bright red paint, the tea towel I embroidered to match hanging on the towel rack, the apron a friend made me hanging on it's hook, the 1943 stove with it's tiny one-rack oven- this is the place I feel most at peace when it's clean, and the room that makes me most frustrated when it's a mess. Now that I'm finally feeling mostly like myself again, and Bug's feedings are slowly getting further apart and allowing me to do other things, I hope it can stay clean. That would make my whole world just a little more perfect.

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