Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Just... Forgot.

All right, so my history with birth control pills is pretty sketchy. I've started taking it three different times and stopped twice for various reasons, i.e: I didn't have a boyfriend anymore so why bother, and: I misread the label and took the wrong pills transitioning from the first month to the second, which resulted in a nine day long period the third month. Yeah, I wasn't really into that.

This time around, I've been doing great! I take my pill as soon as I remember, every day. Usually that happens sometime between waking up and about three in the afternoon. But this week? I forgot for a WHOLE DAY and had to take two on Tuesday, and today, I didn't take it until almost six-thirty.

I don't think that Boyfriend will stop using the pull-out method regardless, but I swear it's my subconscious trying to get me pregnant. I SWEAR.

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